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From brand positioning to brand love, we shine a light on what makes yours special – and what needs improving.

Understand your brand

We know that understanding what makes a brand truly special is not easy. Visual identity, product, messaging, customer service – to name just a few – all play a part in how consumers really feel.

Our multi-faceted approach helps you make sense of consumer sentiment and perception. It’s an approach we’ve used all over the world, helping businesses to understand what’s driving an emotional connection to their brand and identifying the best way to grow.

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Helping uncover your strengths

How Tapestry Research can help you understand your brand and maximise its potential

Optimising product launches

We can help you identify the optimal brand positioning for a new product launch or relaunch, ensuring you resonate with the audiences that matter most.

Breaking into new markets

By identifying and understanding new opportunities, we can help you break into new markets and stand out from competitors.

Monitoring success

Through insightful and efficient brand tracking, we can monitor the success of your brand over time.

The Tapestry Research toolbox

Our multi-technique approach, tried and tested all over the world:

  • Brand health tracking
  • Drivers analysis to link brand perceptions with behaviour and sentiment
  • Evaluating commercial partnerships
  • Usage and attitudes to map the category landscape (A&U studies)
  • Semiotics to uncover hidden category codes
  • Implicit association testing to reveal consumer sentiment and perception
  • Merging 1st party with survey data to provide the complete picture
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We’ve been helping businesses truly understand their brand for over ten years – take a look at some of our recent success stories.

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