Map your customer journey

Through in-depth understanding of purchase and decision journeys, we help make your brand the destination.

A map to success

When it comes to uncovering why someone makes a purchase decision, understanding the full journey is key. That’s why our in-depth and award-winning approach to researching purchase and decision journeys gives you the full picture in simple, clear terms.

We cover everything from key milestones to customer sentiment, consumer needs to pain points with our industry-leading Consumer Decision Journey and Viewer Decision Journey approach. Designed with industry experts, you’ll get clear direction on how best to influence decision journeys.

Find Out How We Do It

Understanding your customer journey

Understand your key touchpoints, pain points and more with Tapestry Research

Identify key journeys

We’ll help you map journeys in full for different types of consumer, for different types of occasion, and understand the potential power of different touchpoints.

Uncover the right messages

Our research not only helps you identify the right messages to use, but also how they can be best deployed to influence consumer decisions.

Improve and coordinate

Identify and alleviate any pain points, so you can continuously improve and coordinate the best brand experience throughout a customer journey.

The Tapestry Research toolbox

Our industry-leading tools to make the complex beautifully simple:

  • CDJ (Consumer Decision Journeys)
  • VDJ (Viewer Decision Journeys)
  • Pricing research tools, including Conjoint, Gabor Granger and Van Westendorp
  • In-depth qualitative interviews
  • Mobile ethnography
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Our approach to customer journey mapping has been helping businesses globally for over ten years. Take a look at some of our recent success stories.

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