Understand your audience

From profiling to segmentation, we give you a deeper understanding of the audiences that matter and help find your next target.

Improve your audience understanding

We’re experts in audience profiling and segmentation, helping you to identify your strongest target and understand how best to reach and engage them.

Our award-winning approach uses robust mathematical techniques, in-depth qual and a host of inspiring methods to bring key audiences to life. It’s why we’re industry leaders in audience segmentation.

Find Out How We Do It

Going deeper on profiling and segmentation

How Tapestry Research can help you better understand your customers

Finding your next audience

We help both new, digital-first brands move from the niche to the mainstream, and larger brands to identify important niche groups to fuel future growth.

Futureproofing your understanding

Our health check uses an innovative analysis technique to see if your existing segmentation needs updating. So you’re always in-step with your audience.

Improving your consumer targeting

By mapping your segmentation to industry-wide surveys and tools (such as TGI, MRI, Touchpoints, ACORN), we help you to get the most out of your segments.

The Tapestry Research toolbox

Just some of the tools and techniques we use to help you understand your audience:

  • Archetype analysis to uncover the key types of consumer in a category
  • Hierarchical segmentation analysis to identify the different audience groups and prioritise targets for growth
  • Segmentation health check to see if your existing segmentation needs updating
  • Database mapping to see which segments are under and over-represented in your customer database
  • Fusion with industry-wide surveys and tools to help you to plan against segments
  • Daisy (Deeper-AI enabled surveys) to explore audience motivations and values
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We’ve been helping brands get to know their audiences with our award-winning approach for over ten years. Take a look at some of our recent success stories.

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