Optimise brand communications

From creative testing to message and campaign evaluation, we help you sharpen your comms and find the best places to communicate.

Enhancing your comms

It’s not what you say, but how you say it. At Tapestry we know that you need the right message in the right place to drive brand engagement and loyalty.

We’ve pioneered a number of techniques that can help at all stages of the comms journey, from creative development and testing, to message evaluation, all the way through to refining and improving multi-media campaigns.

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Helping your brand stand out

How Tapestry Research can help your comms cut through

Prioritising the powerful

We can identify and prioritise your most potent marketing claims, and help you to fully understand the customer decision journey and its most impactful touchpoints.

Setting your brand apart

By gauging the emotional response to your messaging, we can help you cut through the competitive landscape and identify areas of ‘white space’ where you can stand out.

Evaluating effectiveness

Our unique approach to measuring campaign success pinpoints the impact of each individual element, as well as the campaign as a whole.

The Tapestry Research toolbox

Our industry-leading optimisation techniques to help you maximise your impact:

  • Concept testing and creative development
  • Message prioritisation including trade-off exercises such as MaxDiff
  • CEPTM Test to measure the emotional and creative power of your creative
  • Campaign and sponsorship effectiveness using OTS (Opportunity to See) analysis
  • Semiotics analysis to understand the hidden category codes
  • Consumer Decision Journeys to understand the role of different advertising touchpoints
  • Biometrics such as Galvanic Skin Response and facial coding to identify key moments of engagement
  • Content testing
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Our award-winning work has been helping brands sharpen up their comms for over ten years. Here are some of our recent success stories:

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