Working at tapestry

If we have a specific open role then you’ll see it below. If not, don’t let that put you off. We are growing and recruiting regularly, so if you have great skills in insight consulting, client account building or management, research techniques or data science, do get in touch with [email protected]. We always want to know about great people

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Tapestry is an incredibly supportive and fun place to work – really gives us the confidence to be the best researchers we can be!

Lily Spencer

Associate Director,
Winner of the MRG Rising Star 2020

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Working at Tapestry has given me both the skills and the confidence to excel in my career. I have had the freedom and support to shape my role within the company, and I feel respected and valued by my colleagues. Working and thriving during the pandemic has really proven our strength and flexibility as a company. As we continue to grow in size, we have kept our sense of fun and togetherness.
If I think about what I was interested in growing up, I’m now in a position where I can spend all day thinking about video games, sport, the news and TV shows, and call it work.

At Tapestry you feel like your opinion really matters, you get to work with very senior people, and you can have a real impact on the company if you are enthusiastic and committed.

PeiPei Guan

Senior Research Executive

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Working at Tapestry offers a daily opportunity to excel. The dynamic environment, alongside supportive colleagues, provides endless possibilities for both personal and professional growth.

It's genuinely a place where enjoyment and work come together harmoniously.

Titus Robinson

Data Production Executive

Right now we have no specific vacancies, but we're always keen to hear from great people!