We <span>imagine</span> possibilities

We imagine possibilities

We first dive into the complexity and hypothesise a simpler future. Things might evolve as we go, but we believe it’s important to begin with a considered point of view

We <span>explore</span> every angle

We explore every angle

Our researchers design a study - utilising the latest techniques - that fills the gaps in our knowledge and tests our hypotheses. We prove the expected and uncover the unknowns

We <span>build</span> a framework

We build a framework

Our modelling team builds a framework using all the data we collect – quant, qual, big data, ethnographic – to decode and illuminate the issue we’re looking to solve

We <span>bring</span> it to life

We bring it to life

The final step is led by our researchers and visualisers. They work together to deliver findings in a format that makes them live on

Although we’re very much a custom agency, click below to find out more about five areas of expertise:

Segmentation & Need States


We create segmentations that are transformative to a business – and if you’ve ever carried out a segmentation study, you’ll know that’s easier said than done. Our work in segmentation spans a wide range of challenges. From segmenting different types of TV show, to different need states in a whole bunch of occasions, to identifying different types of consumer in lots of categories. We share some of them in Work as well as our secrets to a successful segmentation.

Consumer Decision Journey


We bring clarity to the journeys that consumers undertake – and inform what you can do, and through which media channels, to disrupt them. Our work in this complex area won Grand Prix at MediaTel 2016 and is widely used by clients in categories such as automotive, healthcare, tech, media and holidays. Find out more on understanding your consumers’ decision journeys and see examples of previous studies in Work.

Proposition Testing


Landing on a strong proposition is an iterative process that requires an intuitive understanding of consumers and rigorous mathematics. The understanding helps us to finesse a position, the mathematics to be certain we’ve arrived at the optimal solution, as well as to identify which elements of a proposition are crucial to its success. Go to Work for a case study (or two).

Campaign Contribution


In our view just knowing that a campaign performed well is not enough, most campaigns will deliver an ROI. What’s crucial is understanding the contribution made by different campaign elements. That way we can help you to look forwards and plan more effective campaigns that play to the strengths of each media. You can see some examples in Work.

Media & Audience Research


We work with the biggest names in media in the UK and US, helping them to better understand the evolving landscape and anticipate changes in consumer behaviour and attitudes. A lot of our work is highly strategic, quite a bit of it is high profile and in the public domain – you can find some interesting case studies in Work.