How we make the complex beautifully simple


We blow out your objectives to identify all the key issues – the hidden complexities and potential ways to address them. We bring in previous experience, sector knowledge and wider cultural trends to truly situate your brief and ensure a long lasting solution.


We have experience of all widely (and not so widely) used research techniques, partnering with outside experts where they bring added value to ensure the right mix of tools for your project every time.


We connect all the threads of insight on a study – quant, qual, semiotics, ethnographic, biometric, big and small - and weave them into something inspiring, thought provoking and problem solving for you and your stakeholders.


We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Whether it’s crafting a compelling story or presenting detailed findings, we tailor our outputs. We make sure our research lives on and that our clients get every last drop from each project.

Our expertise

We’re best known for our work in media, streaming and technology, but our clients span charities, financial, lifestyle and much more.
Broadly the work we do covers the following areas.

Understand your audience

From profiling to segmentation, we help you to better know the audiences that matter and find your next target.

Optimise brand communications

From creative testing to campaign evaluation, we help you identify the strongest messages and the best places to communicate.

Uncover your brand strengths

From brand positioning to brand love, we shine a light on your brand’s strengths to leverage and identify any weaknesses to address.

Map the consumer journey

From the customer journey to pricing research, we help you to make your brand the destination.

Increasing loyalty and brand love

From retention through to advocacy, we help you to uncover the levers to pull to keep your customers coming back to you for more.

Identifying and sizing new opportunities

From market landscaping to product optimisation, we help you to identify opportunity areas and predict take up for a successful launch.

Sector experience

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