Size new opportunities

We help fuel growth for your brand by identifying and sizing new opportunities, so you can deliver an effective launch strategy.

Fuelling future growth

We take the uncertainty out of your brand launch or relaunch with our tried and tested approach for sizing new opportunities. From identifying key target audiences, needs and drivers in a category, to concept development and testing, followed by pricing and sizing to input into financial planning, we’re with you every step of the way.

Our comprehensive approach can help you develop a refined product offer, which we market size through accurate volume forecasting. And we provide guidance for your launch strategy, identifying key targets and messages to deliver success.

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Maximising opportunity

How you can use Tapestry Research to make the most of new opportunities

Identify gaps

Our research can help you find gaps in the market for a new product launch, and identify potential white spaces to exploit.

Size the opportunity

Using industry-leading techniques, we can accurately size an opportunity as an input into your own financial projections and models.

Optimise for launch

We’ll help you understand the features and needs that you should address, as well as advise on an optimal pricing strategy for your product.

The Tapestry Research toolbox

The techniques we use to help you size opportunities and maximise growth:

  • Usage and attitudes to map the category landscape (A&U studies)
  • Proposition testing and concept development
  • Conjoint analysis to understand the optimal product package and pricing
  • MaxDiff and TURF analysis to prioritise product features
  • In-depth qualitative interviews
  • Mobile ethnography
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Our comprehensive approach to sizing new opportunities has been tried and tested with businesses around the world.

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