Amy Nightingale,Senior Research Executive
Amy Nightingale Senior Research Executive
Billy Muttur,Senior Research Executive
Billy Muttur Senior Research Executive
David Whelan,Research Executive
David Whelan Research Executive
Elle Kindler,Research Manager
Elle Kindler Research Manager
George Price,Data Analyst
George Price Data Analyst
Hugo Maguire,Research Manager
Hugo Maguire Research Manager
Ian Wright,Joint Managing Director
Ian Wright Joint Managing Director
Jemma Ralton,Director
Jemma Ralton Director
Jessie Reddin,Research Executive
Jessie Reddin Research Executive
Jonathan Rousseau,Associate Director
Jonathan Rousseau Associate Director
Kevin Thompson,Joint Managing Director
Kevin Thompson Joint Managing Director
Lily Spencer,Data Analytics Manager
Lily Spencer Data Analytics Manager
Liuxin Hao,Survey Programmer & Data Analyst Manager
Liuxin Hao Survey Programmer & Data Analyst Manager
Luke Barber,Director
Luke Barber Director
Mark Nichols,Research Executive
Mark Nichols Research Executive
Matthew Austin,Junior Data Analyst
Matthew Austin Junior Data Analyst
Megan Morgan,Senior Data Analyst
Megan Morgan Senior Data Analyst
Sam Walker,Senior Research Executive
Sam Walker Senior Research Executive
Sarah Phillis,Office Manager
Sarah Phillis Office Manager
Silvia Siladi,Research Manager
Silvia Siladi Research Manager
Stewart Thomson,Client Services Director
Stewart Thomson Client Services Director
Tom Morgan,Director of Analytics
Tom Morgan Director of Analytics