Increase brand loyalty

Keep your brand love high with our comprehensive research into what makes your customers happy.

Deepening the consumer connection

Brand loyalty is hard to earn. To build it you need to know what sets you apart in the eyes of your customers as well as any pain points to address.

Our approach uses a range of techniques to identify what’s driving loyalty among customers, helping you to double down on key attributes and features. We also uncover those hidden niggles that could stop a customer coming back, so you can address them straight away.

Find Out How We Do It

Boost your brand love

How Tapestry Research can help keep customers coming back

Understand your brand

Learn which features and brand attributes are attracting new customers, and which are helping to retain them.

Explore and prioritise

We help you to identify new features and benefits to increase your brand loyalty, and prioritise them in the most effective way.

Identify pain points

Find the hidden pain points that are eroding your brand love, and explore new ways to win back lapsed customers.

The Tapestry Research toolbox

The tools and techniques we use to gauge and improve your brand loyalty:

  • Drivers analysis and structural equation modelling to understand what’s behind your most loyal user groups – and what’s holding back others
  • Implicit association testing to explore brand perceptions and potential pain points
  • Semiotics to decode the power of different attributes and messages
  • Segmentation to identify different customer and user types

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