TV’s favourite new F-Word

FAST Services (that’s Free Ad-Supported Television) are growing rapidly, and we’ve been researching them for some time. Most recently, we worked with Paramount on a global study to understand why viewers are choosing FAST.

Different forms of TV address a range of consumer needs, from comfort, uplift, immersion, external connection, togetherness, exploration, routine and distraction. While free-to-air is an obvious candidate for routine, we found that FAST provides simplicity, tapping into the need for uplift and exploration. It takes the stress out of what can often be a pretty hard decision at the end of the day, “what shall I watch on TV?”.

We also uncovered that:

  • FAST viewers are younger, and view differently
  • FAST gives content a new lifecycle, with younger and new audiences finding classic content
  • Viewers accept that ads on FAST are part of the experience

You can read more about this important piece of work here!