Introducing Daisy! Our new AI-infused tool to turn open-end questions into engaging conversations

At Tapestry we understand the importance of accessing rich insights at speed. Over the past six months our data science and scripting teams have been hard at work, using our years of experience in asking the right questions, to develop a tool that brings rich, qualitative-style insights at scale, quickly and inexpensively. Daisy turns a typical, open-end question into a personalised, engaging conversation that unveils layers of useful insights.

But how does it work?

Although Daisy starts with a standard open-ended question, it enables further exploration to occur, at real-time within the survey. The response is sent through a closed API to an AI model, which generates a relevant and specific follow-up question. With multiple rounds of prompting the experience feels more akin to a moderated interview and deeper insights are uncovered, leading to a richer level understanding.

Screenshot of example Daisy conversation, showing the respondent view as they answer questions set by the Daisy tool.

Sound too good to be true?

We put Daisy to the test against a standard open-ended question and the benefits were impressive! Not only did the conversational style draw out longer and more in-depth responses which respondents reported to put more thought into, but their experience was also improved.

  1. Surge in word count: 5 times the number of words compared to a traditional open-ended question
  2. More thoughtful responses: 7 in 10 respondents said they put a lot of thought into their response to Daisy vs. 5 in 10 for a standard open-end
  3. A more enjoyable experience: 8 in 10 respondents said they enjoyed the experience of responding to Daisy and they agreed it felt like a conversation
  4. Elevated perception of being listened to: Respondents that were asked the Daisy style question were more likely to say they felt listened to

You can find out more about Daisy here.