Context Effects

Last week, the findings from an important new study that we created with Map the Territory for Thinkbox were unveiled at a big event at the very snazzy Ham Yard Hotel.

Called Context Effects, the study uncovered the key factors influencing in-home video advertising performance, and demonstrated the importance of the living room in dialling-up ad effectiveness.

At Tapestry, we love to make the complex beautifully simple, and this study is a great example of doing just that. We took a whopping 348,435 data points from 5,000 viewing occasions, and used a technique called Structural Equation Modelling to reveal the complex inter-relationships that exist in the living room to make this such a powerful environment for advertising (we found that the living room drove 176% better ad recall than the kitchen, 10% higher than the bedroom, and 22% more than all other rooms in the home).

You can see the full presentation with key findings on the Thinkbox website here. Or get in touch with Jemma if you’d like to discuss the findings in more detail.