Tapestry Goes Back to School

The modern consumer world is constantly evolving. As a result of this, the market research industry is now more important to companies and organisations than ever before.  

However, market research is not an industry that is necessarily front of mind for many young people, primarily because of the inaccurate assumption that a research role merely entails staring at numbers all day. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Here at Tapestry, we love to create stories, so we have decided to try and change this narrative and reveal the exciting truth of what a career in market research really consists of.  

To this end, Tapestry’s very own Mark and Dan have attended Open Days at St Thomas the Apostle School and Sixth Form College, in Southeast London, for the past two years to speak about the varied careers young people can expect to have in Market Research, based on their own experiences.  

Here are 5 unexpected joys of working in market research as a recent graduate that Mark & Dan discussed with students:

  1. Having your voice as a considered and valuable input when attending meetings with key stakeholders from large companies/organisations, many of which are household names!
  2. Being able to see your research implemented into a company/organisation’s strategy or advertising
  3. The variety of work including clients from different sectors that you get to work with – especially working at an agency like Tapestry!
  4. The many opportunities for further learning/sharing of best practice through industry bodies such as the Media Research Group and Market Research Society
  5. The people you meet, like Dan and Mark of course!

Whilst they enjoyed the complementary food and drink on offer, they loved talking to the students about research even more. All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for them both, and we here at Tapestry look forward to attending similar events in the future!