Gut Instinct to Good Health

Unveiling Key Insights from Our 2023 Consumer Gut Health Survey with Verb Biotics

2024’s New Year resolutions are well underway, with many people on the hunt for healthy habits – how long these health kicks last for is another story! At the end of last year we set out to help Verb Biotics understand what consumers in the US really know (or don’t know) about gut health and their perceptions of biotics.

There has been a huge rise in conversation around gut health and the many benefits a healthy microbiome can achieve, but despite around 7 in 10 Americans experiencing symptoms relating to gut health, only 1 in 10 are using probiotics to alleviate symptoms. Clearly, there is work to do done to bridge the gap in understanding the epicentre of gut health – the gut microbiome.

While 61% of consumers believe maintaining a healthy microbiome is important to maintain physical health, only 2 out of 10 people can identify the correct definition for the gut microbiome.

The survey illuminated a promising opportunity for educating consumers about biotic products. Around 8 in 10 consumers in the US have already used a probiotic product or expressed a keen interest in exploring biotics in the future.

These findings encourage Verb Biotics – and the industry as a whole – to bridge the knowledge gap by tailoring messaging that resonates with consumers and addressing their specific needs in the health and wellness landscape.

If you want to hear more about this study, or even to learn more about the gut microbiome yourself, head over to Verb Biotics to read more about this piece of work!