A Great New Partnership

We’ve got some great news to share… Tapestry Research are now officially MRS Company Partners.

We think this is a pretty big deal as it recognises our experience and enhances our credibility within the industry, but the benefits far exceed this.

Becoming an MRS Company Partner gives us great access to a range of MRS tools and training resources, and will also enable Tapestry to sign up to Corporate Social Responsibility pledges that we have wanted for a while now (namely the MRS Inclusion Pledge and the Net Zero Pledge).

Gaining accreditation will keep us on our toes, in this ever-evolving industry, especially with all of the upcoming global developments, not least the challenges AI will put in front of us.

As a team we each continue to agree to adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct and the MRS Codeline team have given immeasurable advice when we’ve called on them with questions so far.

Tapestry has always been committed to rigorous safeguarding, maintaining clarity and transparency. We achieve this through thorough attention to detail, and by the great communication we forge with our clients, respondents, and sub-contractors, at all times.

We can’t help wanting to shout about this news. It’s not complex… becoming MRS Company Partners simply validates the best practice at Tapestry’s core.