Life as a Research Executive

It’s this time of the year again! The sun is shining, birds are singing, and the streets of London are filled with recent grads, nervously carrying themselves to their job interviews. To give you a glance of what awaits you on the other side, Jessie and Mark answer questions about their life as research execs at Tapestry. Read below to find out what it’s like to work with us – and what tips they have for the new joiners!

What is your one favorite thing about working at Tapestry?

Jessie: Working on the agency side of research means you get lots of exposure to countless different topic areas! We have a wide range of clients, ranging from SVOD providers, TV channels, social media platforms to biscuits and coffee. Variety is the spice of life eh!

Mark: My favourite thing about Tapestry is the culture, without a shadow of a doubt. I’d say our work ethos very much fits under the ‘work hard, play hard’ definition. We take pride in our work and like it to be the highest standard possible, but when we’re not working, we’re having a lot of fun doing socials, going to the pub and generally having a good time with one another. It feels like working with friends rather than working with colleagues, which suits me down to a tee!

What is one thing that surprised you about to Tapestry, compared to other companies you’ve worked in?

Mark: This is actually my first proper job, but I’d say the diversity of the work we do, along with the focus on wellbeing, are two aspects which pleasantly surprised me having started here.

Jessie: I joined Tapestry as a graduate, so this was my first job in the industry after university too! I’d have to say it would be their consistently growing focus on diversity and inclusion. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of the company’s D&I working group as part of my role and to have the senior management really support you in doing so!

How would you describe the culture in Tapestry in one-word?

Mark: Wholesome.

Jessie: Warm!

Do you have any tips for a graduate who is starting work at Tapestry?

Jessie: Never be afraid to ask! You’ll come to see that the people here are very warm and welcoming, and they will also understand that this is probably your first proper taste of the market research industry. The most important thing as a grad is to try to get a hold on as many of those key skills as possible early on, so if there’s something you’re not quite sure about, or you hear about a task that you haven’t come across yet, always feel free to reach out!

Mark: Don’t be afraid to be yourself. We have all manner of people at Tapestry, from musicians to marathon runners to actors, but the one thing unifying us all is how friendly everyone is. Everyone is happy to answer questions and everyone will be looking to help you settle in – being yourself and not being scared to ask for help or ask questions when needed are my biggest tips.  

For more information about working at Tapestry, check out our jobs page here!