Tapestry supports The Trussell Trust to fight food poverty

As we all know, food poverty is widespread in the UK and has worsened since the pandemic began. The Trussell Trust, the UK’s biggest food bank network, issued 50,00 food parcels in the week after lockdown was announced – double their usual volume. In the year before the pandemic hit, the Trust’s network provided a record 1.9 million food supplies to people in crisis and they now forecast a 61% increase in food parcels needed in October to December this year. That’s six parcels of food every minute. The Trussell Trust aims to build a hunger free future for those locked into poverty. It supports a network of food banks and provides emergency food as well as campaigning for change. Its ultimate goal is to end the need for food banks in the UK altogether.

Before the pandemic, we at Tapestry used to fuel our work by munching through countless packets of biscuits, bars of chocolate and bowls of fruit, all washed down with plentiful teas and coffees. We’re not spending that money now we’re working from home, so instead have decided to donate what we would normally spend to The Trussell Trust. 

We recognize that in the big scheme of things Tapestry’s donation is a small gesture, but if we can raise at least a little awareness about The Trussell Trust it’s a start. Tapestry has been moving along a more responsible trajectory for a while now – we’ve started using eco-friendly office suppliers, we’re reducing our carbon footprint when ordering office supplies, and we ensure that our cleaning fluids, our loo rolls, even our pens, are kind to the environment. Supporting The Trussell Trust is our next step towards helping our nationwide community and our planet (and maybe even our waistlines in the process). 

To make a donation to The Trussell Trust, and Stop UK Hunger, click here.