Channel brands on 3rd party platforms

With on-demand platforms becoming more and more saturated with content, it can sometimes feel like a real struggle to choose what to watch. In fact, a 2016 US study by Reelgood and Learndipity Data Insights found Netflix users spend on average 18 minutes on a given day deciding what to watch, or twice as much as cable television viewers.

What role do channel brands play in helping consumers to choose? Whilst some might argue that it’s more about the content and clever algorithms than the brand, a study we carried out for Viacom in the US and UK found that channel brands play a crucial role. By making them more prominent on these platforms it brings benefits to users, channel brands, and the platform itself:

  • Channel brands make it easier for consumers to decide what to watch, when channel logos are included users make show selections 40% faster
  • Channel brands make content feel more interesting and current
  • Channel brands have a positive impact on platform perceptions, making the service feel more innovative and better designed

Given a choice, 8 in 10 users said they would like to see channel logos included on these platforms!

You can find out more about what we found and the innovative survey design behind it by visiting Viacom’s brilliant Insights blog here!