How to make it BIG in insight

We went to &more’s evening event last week at Google’s swanky offices to learn all about how to make it big in insight. Not only did we hear from 3 excellent speakers about their experiences, we also got an excellent cheese board and wine selection.

So, the top 6 tips for success (drumroll please!):

  1. Be curious. As market researchers were curious by nature anyway. But its not just about being curious about humans. Be curious about the business, look for opportunities.
  2. Be proactive – don’t assume said opportunities will fall into your lap. Hunt them down!
  3. Network! Whether it’s formal or informal, with wine or without wine… get to know people in the industry, talk to your peers. We’re members of the MRS and the MRG so get to attend a wealth of events throughout the year to meet new people.
  4. Speak out – everyone should have a voice, put good ideas out there, there’s no such thing as a bad idea (mostly…)
  5. Make your mark – be famous for something – that doesn’t mean you have to own a conference stage. Own something internally, be awesome at it.
  6. Know people’s superpowers – don’t assume you can do everything. What are people’s superpowers and know how to harness them