Understanding the consumer decision journey

Everyone’s on their way somewhere. They might be journeying towards a new car, a new washing powder or a new life. Our journey work helps you understand what they do, when they do it and how to connect to them at each point in their path. Ultimately, it will allow you to influence exactly where they go at the journey’s end. 

We’ve explored the consumer journey in a huge range of categories, from the considered big purchase (e.g. cars, computers) to smaller, habitual buys (e.g. personal care, grocery shopping) and even bigger life goals (e.g. financial planning, weight loss and fitness goals). Understanding the journey is only the first part of what we do. Once we know the journey we help you activate the insight with media, brand or behavioural modelling and “what if…?” scenario planning.

Tapestry’s approach to the decision journey gets us right to the heart of how consumers navigate different types of decisions and purchases. With their help we uncovered some truly unique insights into how consumers tackle health and wellness goals, the media that they turn to for support and the role that brands can play to become partners in the lifelong journey to wellbeing. What makes Tapestry really stand out is their ability to turn journey insights into actionable information, helping Microsoft and our advertising partners better meet the needs of our consumers at every step of their journey.

Segmenting audiences

Segmentations are part science, part art. 

Essential to any segmentation is a strong mathematical foundation. If the segments aren’t strongly differentiated then cracks will appear once you start using it. The art bit comes from knowing which variables to use in the survey, and how to use and fine tune them. 

In many ways creating the segments is the easy part often the real challenge comes in bringing them to life and implementing them for your CRM and media planning. That’s where experience counts. We’ve worked on numerous segmentations all over the world across a wide range of categories including travel, automotive, financial services, fashion and TV viewing. 

Tapestry not only delivered on their promises - delivering on the objectives, on budget, on time, but did something that few agencies have done. They took the whole business on the journey, becoming part of the team, understanding our issues, helping us find ways of working through them. Ultimately they delivered a piece of work that not only is inherent to the marketing department helping us plan our media, our CRM etc, but the whole business.

Positioning & developing brands

To develop your brand or product, and to then talk about it in the most compelling way, you first need to understand what consumers want.
Our work with brands starts with the consumer point of view. With smart questionnaire design and even smarter modelling, we build the structure of the market, identify the white spaces and then simulate what happens when you introduce a new product or talk about your brand in a new way. 

Underpinning this is sophisticated mathematics – Bayesian Inference – allowing us to identify where you can make changes and what happens when you do. That’s where our analysis and interpretation comes in, ensuring you make better decisions to grow your brands. 

It’s been a great experience. The quality of the outputs and the thinking in particular were standout, as was the commercial awareness and understanding of the objectives and proposition. The input from Tapestry and the integration of the quant was also seamless and appreciated.

Tracking brands & marketing

Traditionally tracking studies have given you a good picture of what happened a couple of months ago and maybe some insight into why it happened. 

We think tracking should do more than describe the recent past. By adding more specific media consumption questions and using respondent-level modelling techniques, we identify exactly how your campaigns are performing and which channels are contributing the most to the performance. 

With the right brand drivers included, we can show which attributes are most affected by marketing and how they relate to sales. This needs sophisticated modelling to combine a variety of sources but, as a result, we can carry out truly actionable tracking for you or quickly improve the tracking you already have. 

Tapestry’s audience tracking survey is vital to help us keep our quality of work high and help us to attract new audiences -  and to report to our funding bodies in financially difficult times. Tapestry aren’t just another agency. They are in a true partnership with the RSC, understanding our challenges and delivering robust and insightful research in an environment of constant change. The world of theatre is one which responds well to storytelling and creative approaches (even in quantitative research!). Tapestry combines these with consistent delivery and a friendly and accessible approach to those who are less familiar with research methodologies.

Understanding the media landscape

We all know it’s getting more difficult to make sense of the media landscape. The birth of a new media is often seized upon to predict the decline of another, whereas in reality all media are evolving to adjust to the new reality. 

Making sense of the new landscape means working with an agency that takes a wider view of it. Through our work in areas such as the consumer decision journey and campaign evaluation, we have a strong understanding of the way different media is consumed and its potential in a campaign.

We have expertise in ad sales research, helping media owners to create interesting stories to bring their audiences and properties to life in a compelling and convincing story (it helps that several of the senior team are ex-media agency so we know what will cut it with agencies).

The service we received from Tapestry was second to none – intelligent, thoughtful and knowledgeable, they were always quick to respond. Viacom were delighted with the result and the study is being presented extensively. We would have no hesitation in strongly recommending Tapestry as an agency.

An introduction to TV need states (Tapestry & Thinkbox)AN INTRODUCTION TO TV NEED STATES (TAPESTRY & THINKBOX)

Exploring new ad formats

One of the most interesting areas that we work in is evaluating the impact of new ad formats, and identifying guidelines for best practice. Some of the (fairly) recent studies we’ve designed include native advertising and ad personalisation. 

To avoid conditioning consumers often we have to employ clever (and fairly complex) designs so that we’re testing the ad in as natural an environment as possible; when you’re testing ads that are personalised to each respondent (as we did with PHD) this can be particularly challenging.

Click below for an example of a new study which brings to life our approach.  

The study has given real practical insight into the combination of elements that make effective native advertising. It has provided direction for both publishers and advertisers, as well as confirming the value of context. Tapestry brought a creative and insightful methodology, and excellent analysis and intepretation to produce clear results.