Ian Wright

Joint Managing Director

Ian has 20 years in market research under his belt, and he’s spent more than half that time in Board-level positions in global MR agencies. He has an eye for a story and likes stripping down complex data into key nuggets.


Kevin Thompson

Joint Managing Director

Kevin has worked across the research industry for 15 years. He’s headed up social, digital and media development at Ipsos in New York; led multidisciplinary teams of brand consultants, industrial designers and researchers in the OTX Strategic Solutions group in Austin, Texas and tested new movies in glamourous locations, and Slough.


Michelle Darcy

Managing Director, Tapestry US

Michelle has close to 20 years research experience working at both traditional and tech agencies, such as OTX and Vision Critical.  She’s successfully managed more than her share of clients and teams over the years, including running the US Google account while at OTX/Ipsos.  She is a problem solver and has a knack for understanding her clients needs, developing solid relationships and creating solutions for them.